Galahome's furniture and wooden products are made from solid wood, plywood, mdf. All are plantation timber. Both plywood and mdf have CARB P2 certificates. Types of wood from Vietnam: rubber, acacia, pine, eucalyptus ... Types of European and American plantation forests: oak, walnut, ash, maple, maple ...

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Creating wood casts

Raw wood is sawed, planed, grafted with modern specialized machines to form high-precision wood billets

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The wood embryos are chiseled, drilled into position, shaped in accordance with the design

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The details are assembled according to the design, high aesthetics, high strength

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Surface coating

The products are carefully painted on the surface, increasing beauty and moisture, against mold. There are many types of paint to choose from: PU, NC, UV or oil wipe

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All finished products are carefully packed: PE film, carton, corner cushion, impact-resistant foam. Packaging is printed according to customer requirements

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Galahome has extensive export experience: goods can be exported to any port in the world

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