Our Factory

- 22,000 m2 of total manufacturing area, including:

+ 5,000 m2 of wood furniture manufacturing area (produce tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, variety of decorative wood products)

+ 10,000 m2 of finger joint or panel manufacturing area.

+ 7,000 m2 of manufacturing area for plywood with 3 main kinds : packing, commercial and plywood for furniture

+ 150 m2 of office area

- Production lines:

Wood stick manufacture line: 02 lines, capacity of 300.000 m3 perC

Plywood manufacture line: 02 lines, capacity of 250.000 m3 per year

Wood furniture manufacture line: 04 lines, capacity of 20 containers per month

ODM and OEM (Em báo copy hình ảnh vòng tròn OEM và ODM trong profile cho chị sang đây nhé)

Our company provides OEM services, not only specialized in the production of clear, professional process, but also focus on customer consultation to provide the technical solutions needed to increase efficiency, reduce production costs. We always set our goal of success measured by the level of customer satisfaction, thus motivate us to dedicate to them.

High quality standards, Strict quality control, Effective production facilities and capacity are our guiding principles. Being made by experienced and professional production team, our products are capable of meeting all the standards in other process of designing, shaping, sanding / polishing, assembling, painting ... Quality meets through strict control procedures.

We provide ODM service to our customers and have extensive know-how of producing various wood furniture products. Having the creative and skilled designer team, we can provide the best perfect interior space solution which can satisfy customer requirement.

Through ODM service, we can provide customers with complete production support, supply chain management, quality assurance, cost improvement. We have a professional designer team with full of enthusiasm and creativity.

For many years of effort, we have many successful cases and bring the best product to the best seller around the world, we can help our customers launch competitive products quickly with minimal risk and cost.